My principal aim as a Director, Coach and Trainner is to find the smallest in the biggest, to transform and help to build something new and as a team; on the other hand, it is to accompany those processes that always emerge from the exchange. And I express my gratitude for that.



Director at Estudio Kalo (Dance and Arts Studio).

2016 Director of the music video clip No Sabia Que by Mauro Gorraiz. Ver Video

2015 Monologue Cycle. MINITAS 3erd edition. Espacio Dinamo Theater
      Mariana has a date (Mariana tiene una Cita) - Actress : Polly Bouquet
      Personal Stuff, I´d say (Temas Personales Diría) - Actress : Sol Ricci

015 Monologue Cycle. MINITAS 2nd Edition
      Parripollo - Actress : Polly Bouquet
      It´s better to omit (Mas Bien Omitir) - Actress: Sol Ricci. See Video

2014 Monologue Cycle. MINITAS 1st Edition. Theater Espacio Dinamo
       Do you want me? (¿Vos me Querés a mi?) by Romina Paula - Actress : Sol Ricci See Video

2014 Musical Director and vocal, acting coach for Pequeños Astros
2008-2009 Cast Director at Luminarias Casting


2016/2014 MOVIMIENTO, film by Franco Acevedo. Director assistant and Producer
2011 A POSSIBLE HAPPINESS , texts of Clarice Lispector
2008 LA LEY DEL SUELO. Director: Fabián Harazatey
2007 MEMIRAME. Theatre- Dance. Director: Marcela Trapé
2005 IL PRINCIPESSA MAFALDA. Director: María Rosa Pfeiffer. Teatro X la Identidad.

ACTING COACH for Musicians and Singers

2015- 2014
Pablo Lara
Actoral and vocal coaching for Colores Disonantes and Jacaranda
Recording Studio Voice for Colores Disonantes
Clothes Consulting and Photos for Colores Disonantes
Design and Art Collaboration

Fede Vitorini
Acting coach for his soloist’s songs
Emotional and interpretation work

Super 8 Vintage Music
Actoral Coaching for musicians and singers .
Choreography by Vale Pessacg
Costume and Hairstyle Collaboration
Band’s Managment


2018-2017 Theater Teacher for Adults

2018 Seminario de Teatro Musical.
Este Seminario fue realizado en devolución al haber obtenido la Beca de Artistas Emergentes del Instituto Nacional del teatro (INT)

2016 Theater Teacher for Adults . Antena Teatro

2015 Theater Teacher for Adults . Abhyasa y Antena Teatro
2015 Summer Adults Theater Course in January Enero. Antena Teatro.
2012 Drama teacher at the Day Mental Health Hospital at the Clinical of Buenos Aires Hospital.
2010- 2009 Mara Bestelli´s assistant at her drama classes.