A widen trained actress, formed since childhood in the interpretative arts field.
Graduated at Conservatorio de Arte Dramático (EMAD).
Trained in Singing (Mezzo Soprano register) and Dancing
Musical Theatre training
Use of the Neutral Spanish (for dubbing) and English
Bilingual Acting Coach and Casting Process experience.

Director at Estudio Kalo (Dance and Arts Studio).

2018 LA LUNITA QUE TE PARIO. Director: Tamara Alamprese
2018 GANGSTER - Director: Maitena Minella
2018 CUERDA AVENTURA - Director: Vale Pessacg
2018-2016 LA LUNA QUE TE PARIO - Director: Tamara Alamprese
2015 WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU TO TREAT ME THIS WAY? (Qué te he hecho para que me trates así?)
Script , Director : Ana Luz Kallsten
2015 STRINDBERG INTERVENTION CYCLE . Director: Iris Pedrazzoli
2014 LOVING YOU AT THE RITZ (Amándote en el Ritz) . Director: Iris Pedrazzoli.
2014 HELP. Director: Sol Ricci
2012-2011 WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU TO TREAT ME THIS WAY?(Qué te he hecho para que me trates así?) Script , Director : Ana Luz Kallsten. Buenos Aires and Misiones Province
2011 GESTATE AND LET GO (Gesta y Suelta). Director: Lucila Eliascher
2010 THE CARE (La prudencia) by Claudio Gotbeter
2009 THE PHANTOMS MAKER by Roberto Arlt
2007/2009 RadioPlays in Argentores (Society of Authors of Argentina) Director: Julio Baccaro
2008 ASSIGNMENT Nº 6 (Consigna 6). Theatre - Dance. Director: Marcela Trapé
2008 THE CUFF (El dobladillo) performance. Director : Maria Rosa Pfeiffer
2004 WHITE, THE DARKEST COLOUR (Blanco el color más oscuro). Director. Juan Pablo Sasiaín

Musical Theatre Interpreter for the Choreography Composition Career. UNA (National College of Art)

2011 THE DOUBT. Director: Valeria Pessacg
2010 CABARET ( Sally Bowls ) & CHICAGO (Velma Kelly)

2017 MINGA - Web Series, winner of La Bienal Arte Jóven 2017.Director: Maitena Minella / Character: The Boss
2015 A FAMILY THAT HOLDS ON (Una familia que aguanta). Huggies TV Serie. Director: Fernando Salem, German Castelnuovo.Script Supervisor on set.
2014 MALICE, TV Serie (Malicia, TV Serie). Director: Martín Desalvo. Script Supervisor on set.
2007 THE SPITE (El despecho) . Independent short film .Director. Juan Manuel Rodil
2007 BUNDLE (Fardo). Independent short film selected in the category Work in Progress , BAFICI film festival of Argentina. Director: Diego Fried
2005 The pictures, Epic short film. Final work from direction II, CIC ( University of Cinema)
Director: Luciano Molina.Character: Adriana, Quadriplegic

TALK TO ME App (2017 Online Distribution), SUCCESS (ÉXITO) ( Colombia 2015. Gráfica Celular) ,PERSONAL (Argentina 2012) , KELLOGG’S (Francia, España, Grecia - 2011) , NESQUIK (EEUU- 2009), YELLOW PAGES (PAGINAS AMARILLAS) (Argentina, Chile y Perú 2007), BURGER KING (EEUU y Puerto Rico 2006 ) , SPRITE (Argentina 2006) , MOVISTAR (España 2005)


2015 Artístic Speech for Cinema 8 Radio. Soundtrack Music Station Online .
2014 Neutral Spanish Speech. Clacort Buses - Chile
2014 Presidential Audio Spot . Private Use.
2013 Neutral Spanish Speech CASA ELECTRICA Perú
2011 Neutral Spanish Speech .Blackberry Tutorials
2011 Acting. Garbage Campaign. Radiodifusion.
2010 - 2009 Artistic for "4 patas", " Positive News” (“Noticias Positivas"), "The Prior” (“La Previa") , Palermo Station.
2009 -.2007 Regular Cast. RadioPlays in Radio Nacional Station. "The two Jackets” (“Las Dos Caratulas") Director: Nora Massi
2008 TWILIGHT, Film Spot in Spanish.
2008 Neutral Spanish Speech . TAHITIAN NONI INTERNACIONAL
2007 Voiceover Narration. DIRECT TV .
2007 BRAHMA, for Radiodifusión
2004 DUB IN NEUTRAL SPANISH Phil del Futuro, Disney Channel. Character: Julie.


Actress graduated at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, founded by the Buenos Aires City Government
2018 Winner of Scholarship Artistas Emergentes from Instituto Nacional del Teatro (INT)and Scholarship Formación Internacional from the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (FNA)
2018 Musical Theater Summer School at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London)- This study was carried out thanks to obtaining 2 study scholarships. Emerging Artists of the Argentine National Theater Institute (INT) and the Fondo Nacional de las Artes(FNA)
2012 Clown Technique . Maby Salerno
2011 Melodrama.Camila Mansilla
2008‐2005 Conservatory of Drama Arts - EMAD
2007‐2004 Augusto Fernándes Studio

Mezzo Soprano
2010‐2008 Fernanda Lavía
2006 - 2004 Paola Griffman ‐ Ludmila Fernández ‐ Gipsy Bonafina

Taichi Chikun - Gustavo Florio
Bioenergetic Workshop - Susy Perez
Yoga - Maria laura Giambelluca
Body Awareness - Marcela Trape
Jazz. Escuela Ricky Pashkus
Latin American Movements

Film Scrip - Teacher Hans Garrino
Neutral Spanish
English. Intermediate Level

Jesi Gonzalez Ajón